What is Tomorrow Together?

    Tomorrow Togetheris City of Launceston’s call to action to the community, businesses and industry to work together to tackle the big challenges facing Launceston.

    Through this program Council is changing the way it engages with the community. Rather than asking for your feedback on each individual project we are asking you up front what is important to you and asking you to work with us on the solutions.

    What are the themes?

    During Tomorrow Together, we will host conversations across the City. These conversations will be focused around the six overarching themes that cover many of the big issues that we are facing as a City. These conversations will also include opportunities to learn about the projects or policies Council is currently working.

    • A resilient city: exploring environmental protection and management, emergency and disaster response and how we ‘bounce-back’ and plan for unexpected challenges.
    • A well-designed city: exploring the physical layout and design of the City. This includes topics about planning zones growth areas, heritage, strategic land use (including how we future proof our City for growth).
    • A unique and prosperous city: exploring economic growth and attracting investment to Launceston. This includes topics such as driving population growth, growing our economy, creating new jobs, and being innovative.
    • A mobile and accessible city: exploring how we move to and within our City; by car, bike, foot and public transport.
    • A social, inclusive and fair city: exploring strengthening our community,  working with diverse communities, and making our city safe, welcoming and healthy for everybody.
    • A focused and sustainable Council: how Council works together with the Launceston community to generate social, economic and environmental benefits.

    What is the timing for Tomorrow Together?

    The project will launch in May 2019 and run till mid-2020. After that we will review what worked well, and what needs improving to plan how we will run engagement in the years to come.

    You can view the program included in theTomorrow Together summary and we will regularly be updating you on events throughout the program. The best way to stay up to date on the opportunities is to register your interest via this website.

    Do I need to have any expert knowledge to participate?

    No. In community engagement, it is your view that matters most. As a local or visitor to City of Launceston, the things that you know, see and think about the City that are important.  Community engagement is one of the things that helps Council to make decisions, alongside technical inputs, funding requirements and strategic policy and direction.

    What will I be expected to do?

    This depends on the project and information being shared, and the conversations we need to have. Throughout the program there will be numerous opportunities to join in and it will be your choice how you join in.

    How can I get involved?

    When you sign up to Your Voice, Your Launceston you will tell us what topics interest you most. We will provide you with updates when there is a chance to learn about or have a say on those topics.

    To get involved you can also:

    1.Register your name and email at YourVoiceYourLaunceston.com.au

    2.Stay in the loop by signing up to our regular newsletters

    3.Read about what we’re working on online, or at the Town Hall information stand

    4.Come along to a community event or neighbourhood talk

    5.Talk with your friends and family about Tomorrow Together, and give us informed feedback at our events and online

    6.Follow the City of Launceston on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news

    What influence will my participation have Council’s decision-making?

    Your feedback, ideas and comments are one factor that help Council to make its decisions.

    Council will report back regularly on what we heard from the community and how it is helping Council to make decisions.  You will also be able to receive updates via ourTomorrow Together newsletter and this Your Voice Your Launceston website.

    What if I need to contact Council about something other than Tomorrow Together?

    Things like collecting your bins, parking management, caring for our parks and answering the call-centre phones will not change.

    You can still contact Council:

    In person: at the Customer Service Centre; Town Hall 18-28 St John Street (Monday to Friday 8:30am-5pm)

    On the phone: 03 6323 3000

    Via email: to contactus@launceston.tas.gov.au